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Lex Luthor recommendations? Which comics?



  • Superman Vs. Lex Luthor (this is a good one to start with as it has his silver age origins as well as some of Lex’s other great silver age stories as well as some more recent ones)
  • Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography (this is another good one to read earlier on as it’s literally just an exploration of Lex’s character/life but I’ve heard some people arn’t fans of his characterization in this)
  • All-Star Superman #5 (this is one of my favorite explanations of Lex’s motives)
  • The Black Ring (this collects Lex’s run as the main star of Action comics which include his time as an orange Lantern)
  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel (this shows Lex in a much more human light and not nearly as much of a villain as he’s often seen as)
  • Superman #164 (this is a really interesting comic as it has Lex and Superman in a bare knuckle brawl on a planet where Superman has no powers)
  • Superman #416 (this is probably the most human Lex has ever been)
  • Superman v2 #2 (Lex finally deciphers Superman’s secret identity but what will he do with this information?)
  • Superman V2 #9 (this is probably Lex at his most dickish)

Hope this helps!

Best DC Villain. Deal with it.

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