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whats the deal with these adventure time comics?? waa?? they look rad!! like the same concept as ren & stimpy comics??

Adventure Time, in addition to the cartoon, has a monthly comic book series. Because the main attraction is a televised cartoon, you may think the comic would be sort of an advertisement or something much lesser than the show. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all. The comic book has really high quality stories that are just as good as episodes of the cartoon.

Each issue starts with a main story, which is drawn on model with the TV show, and often carries over into the next issue’s story in order to create ongoing story arcs. Each issue also features backup stories, either about Finn and Jake or other characters in the Adventure Time universe, but drawn in the styles of various comic book artists. These backups are a lot of fun because they are the only place where you can see the Adventure Time world as envisioned by these super talented indie comic artists.

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