I’m at work daydreaming about this imaginary Batman game. Haha.

So anyway, it would be even better as a tactics RPG like Fire Emblem. Each unit could level up, kinda like how Pokémon evolve to stronger forms.

Robin I > Nightwing > Batman
Robin II > death stage > Red Hood
Robin III > Red Robin
Spoiler > Robin IV > Batgirl III
League of Assassins Damian > Robin V
Earth 2 Helena Robin > Huntress

Oh, and maybe they upgrade along different paths depending on how you level them up! So, for example, Dick could go Robin > Nightwing > Kingdom Come Red Robin, and Tim could go Robin > Batman Beyond Joker II!

Haha, why am I putting so much thought into this?



Slight redesign. 

Because I like thigh-highs and the shoulder-armour thing in Starfire’s new 52 design.

I personally don’t like the headpiece, it looks too wonder woman…but I felt it was something I should keep, along with the sleeves which I was originally going to make into gloves with the loose end.

I also like the idea of her having human skin, as opposed to orange/golden Tamaranian skin. I guess I just like the idea of her having something other than black hair (which through Blackfire is shown to be possible for Tamaranians anyway) that makes her look more human, and not just completely alien. So she doesn’t just look like her mum with black hair, so she looks a little human, as she is. But even so, I still gave a slight orange tint…

I suck at hands too, sorry.


Anonymous asked:

Lex Luthor recommendations? Which comics?



  • Superman Vs. Lex Luthor (this is a good one to start with as it has his silver age origins as well as some of Lex’s other great silver age stories as well as some more recent ones)
  • Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography (this is another good one to read earlier on as it’s literally just an exploration of Lex’s character/life but I’ve heard some people arn’t fans of his characterization in this)
  • All-Star Superman #5 (this is one of my favorite explanations of Lex’s motives)
  • The Black Ring (this collects Lex’s run as the main star of Action comics which include his time as an orange Lantern)
  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel (this shows Lex in a much more human light and not nearly as much of a villain as he’s often seen as)
  • Superman #164 (this is a really interesting comic as it has Lex and Superman in a bare knuckle brawl on a planet where Superman has no powers)
  • Superman #416 (this is probably the most human Lex has ever been)
  • Superman v2 #2 (Lex finally deciphers Superman’s secret identity but what will he do with this information?)
  • Superman V2 #9 (this is probably Lex at his most dickish)

Hope this helps!

Best DC Villain. Deal with it.

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