spookytanuki asked:

I'm actually pretty salty because you spoiled that Snively appearance. I haven't caught up yet. Didn't that just come out last week? Ah well, on the flipside, I guess I'd better hurry up and catch up.


Aaaah, I’m sorry! D: I even tagged it as ‘spoilers’ in the initial post, but… maybe I should have specified as ‘archie spoilers’ as well? (and even worse was that the Snively bit was revealed in a variant that just released today, so…guuuh TAT) Either way, super sorry about that, I hate having things suddenly spoiled for me out of the blue too dkbjksdd TAT

Oh, um, I don’t have… uh, what do people have that somehow blocks certain tags? I don’t have that, whatever it is. I don’t think.

You’re really nice though! Thank you for being so apologetic about it. I didn’t read it anyway, just scrolled by and recognized Snively.

What do you mean it’s in a variant? I just read the most recent issue, and it’s not even in there. Was it in Sonic Universe? I’m maybe two issues or at least one behind on that.

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Batman: Gotham City Secret Files & Origins (2000)

"Wow. Graysoncam.”

Dick is my spirit animal.

And omg I just love Babs’ embarrassed smile in the second panel. If Dick’s abs and general Dick Grayson-ness wasn’t so distracting I swear I could just coo over Babs the whole time.

I don’t know the context, but Barbara having a cam on Dick in his home is some Batman level creeper shit.

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