i’m always overwhelmed by how important animal crossing is to me and has been since i first got it for gamecube. it hasn’t stopped being one of the most important things to me. idc how silly that sounds. ac is like easily one of the biggest things in my life and the time i was population growing was one of the happiest times in my life i don’t CARE if that’s pathetic.

Yep, I feel this. Also, I want to see your town.

I’m pretty bummed that my Wii got completely wiped. That means I lost all my game saves. I’ve had that thing since launch night. There was soooo much data on there. Not just the game saves and Miis, but old message board posts from when people still used that feature, photos I took with friends and drew on, and just all kinds of sentimental stuff.

Luckily I had all my Virtual Console games on an SD card, but since you can’t play from game saves stored on SD, those were all on the system’s hard drive.

Remember memory cards? I want those back. Internal storage is the pits. 

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