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um im sorry but i could have swore you just said Earth 2 wasnt well drawn, please PLEASE tell me this is a Mistake cus NICOLA FUCKING SCOTT draws earth 2 and is fucking amazing and if you ment what you said YOUR GOD DAMN FUCKING INSANE!!!!

I know exactly the post you’re talking about. I’ll have to go back and see if I accidentally implied that Earth 2 is poorly drawn. I did say that I am reluctantly dropping both Earth 2 and Worlds’ Finest.

I don’t feel that either book is well written, and even though I like George Perez alright, and certainly appreciate his contributions to the industry, I just don’t like his art in Worlds’ Finest at all. I especially hate Power Girl’s new hair. What the fuck kind of hair is that? The civilian clothes he puts them in are gross too. It’s as if he has no frame of reference for modern American women in their twenties.

As for Nicola Scott’s pencils in Earth 2, I ought to clarify that, like all of her work that I’ve seen to date, they’re awesome. The art in that book is definitely not why I’m dropping it. I particularly like the new costumes for Jay and Alan, even though I was pretty much set on hating them before I’d seen them. It’s just that the dialogue is cringe-inducing, and the plot seems so flat to me so far.

And why’d you have to be anonymous, anyway? 

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