Young Justice Episode 10

I can totally relate to Red Arrow having to ask Aqualad for the U.S. customary units when given Cheshire’s height in meters. That’s me every time. I’ll never learn the metric system. I can barely get used to the 24-hour clock.

What’s the deal with Rhelasia though? The flimsy stand-in for Korea kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Not a big fan of generalized mashup depictions of vast and diverse regions, and Relasia was pretty much a big ol’ ball of generic East Asia. I kinda wonder what Young Justice's Korean animators think about it.

I think I caught all the character cameos in this episode. Correct me if I missed anyone. Here’s my list:

  • Cat Grant (Superman’s Daily Planet co-worker)
  • Wendy and Marvin (The Wonder Twins)
  • Snapper Carr (Justice League mascot)
  • Mal Duncan (Vox/Guardian/Hornblower/Herald)
  • Karen Beecher, one of the “Bumblebees” (Bumblebee)

I don’t expect much to happen with Wendy and Marvin outside of the high school setting, which is okay because they will probably work out better as schoolmates than Wonder Twins. It was cute how Marvin quickly noticed Conner and Megan’s typically alliterative names. Maybe he and Wendy will find out who Conner and Megan really are sometime down the road. I could definitely see Mal and Karen growing into their superhero identities later on too. We may have just been introduced to some major characters for season two.

Secret identities are one of the major factors that sets Young Justice so far above Teen Titans, so I was happy to see Superboy and Miss Martian take civilian names in this episode. It was kinda weird how Conner got his name in this show, but I guess it works. Megan’s little telepathic comment to Conner about white martians has a lot of significance, as anyone who reads Teen Titans could tell you. Remember it. Speaking of dual identities and the comic book counterparts of this show’s characters, Sportsmaster’s cryptic reveal that he’s got a mole in Young Justice probably isn’t all that cryptic anymore for fans of the Young Justice comic book. Obvious reveal after the break:

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