Dude! Minimum Carnage is obviously gonna rule! Every ’90s kid, if they didn’t actually read the comics, at least played Maximum Carnage for SNES/Genesis, right? I played that game a lot, and if I didn’t already like Scarlet Spider and Venom enough already, just the nostalgia factor alone has me pretty pumped for this story arc.


EFFING AWESOME COSPLAY by @AmazingSpidey81 of Scarlet Spider. He’ll be at C2E2 donning these threads. Y’all better come out. 

Welp, guess I know who I need to get a photo with at C2E2. First Scarlet Spider II cosplayer I’ve seen. I love that this guy has the original Scarlet Spider and Future Foundation costumes too.


Article on comics alliance about the new Scarlet Spider design! Read it!!!! http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/11/21/scarlet-spider-kaine-ryan-stegman-sketches/

I’m sorta warming up to the new Scarlet Spider costume. I still don’t like it nearly as much as Ben’s Scarlet Spider or Spider-Man costumes, or even as much as Miles’s Ultimate Spidey suit. Oh, well.

My Picks for Wednesday (11/09/2011)

I’m really excited about the appearance of the new Scarlet Spider in Point One. Based on Spider-Island, it’s pretty obvious that he won’t be Ben Reilly, but my interest is peaked anyhow. I really hope the Scarlet Spider ongoing is good, because it’s going to be my first 616 Spider-Man purchase since One More Day.

Wait! Hold the phone! I almost missed this! So, I have to amend my list to include Batman:The Brave and the Bold #13.

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