Okay, the ratings and shit came back for Steven Universe. Steven Universe debuted with disappointing ratings. Hell,it did WORSE than Uncle Grandpa did when it launched back in September. The problem? NOT…

My friend just recommended it to me, so I’m all ready and excited to watch, right? So I check Hulu. Nope. So I check Netflix. Nope. So I check Nope. Not trying to watch clips. I wanna see the show.

Soooo… where’s a fella supposed to watch Steven Universe? It’s 2014, so you know I sure as hell don’t have cable.

I have Apple TV, Netlix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. I have a Wii U and an Apple TV hooked up to my TV, and between those two devices, that’s how I watch everything. I honestly don’t think my television is capable of even showing anything at all without those. Is there even non-cable TV anymore if you don’t have an antenna thingy? Do people even TV still?

I’m going to do what I always do when I can’t watch a show through any of the various legal means I pay for. I’ll either just have to pass on it for now, or I’ll hit up the torrent sites.



From the Adventure Time RPG of my dreams

The new Adventure Time game coming out this fall likely won’t look like this (I imagine it takes a lot of money and time to offer sprites/animation this detailed nowadays), but I can dream, right?

Please make sure to see the original GIF over at AbyssWolf’s DeviantArt page, as I had to butcher the thing to get it to upload to Tumblr. Props to Paul Veer, also a super talented artist and animator, for sharing it on Twitter.

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There is supposedly writing underneath this gif, but I couldn’t concentrate because of all the awesomeness.

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