If DC wanted to make a good Teen Titans comic, all they’d need to do is base it off of the cartoon series. Mash up the Young Justice and Teen Titans cartoons, tweak the designs a bit to make them fit the New 52, flesh out the characters some more in terms of how they fit into the rest of the DC Universe including their secret identities, and you’ve got it. It would be, for sure, the most fun comic.

I’m at work daydreaming about this imaginary Batman game. Haha.

So anyway, it would be even better as a tactics RPG like Fire Emblem. Each unit could level up, kinda like how Pokémon evolve to stronger forms.

Robin I > Nightwing > Batman
Robin II > death stage > Red Hood
Robin III > Red Robin
Spoiler > Robin IV > Batgirl III
League of Assassins Damian > Robin V
Earth 2 Helena Robin > Huntress

Oh, and maybe they upgrade along different paths depending on how you level them up! So, for example, Dick could go Robin > Nightwing > Kingdom Come Red Robin, and Tim could go Robin > Batman Beyond Joker II!

Haha, why am I putting so much thought into this?

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