My favorite part from the new Smash trailer ⊟

I saw these GIFs reblogged on Nadia Oxford’s tumblr, where she wrote, “Glad to see it acknowledged that Samus is tall as hell and not the tiny, frail waif Other M makes her out to be.”

Agreed! She’s supposed to be close to 6’3” and 200 lbs out of her armor, according to this Nintendo Power comics scan. Little Mac is like 5’7”.

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I love the idea of Samus as a big buff badass. That’s how I always perceived her growing up, and that was thanks, in part, to this very spread from Nintendo Power.


Anonymous asked:

I really like AC and am deeply in love with this game but since I am 20 years old most of my classmates laugh at me and I feel ashamed of this game. I hate that so mugh ugh


omg what’s wrong with them why would they make fun of anyone for a video game????

do you need me to come over and beat them up anon

I’m 27, and with very few exceptions, all of my friends play Animal Crossing, and most of them have been following the series since the first one on GameCube.

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