Earlier this week it surfaced that Nintendo is planning to announce a Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS to coincide with the launch of Mario Tennis Open next month. Joystiq has now receivedword that US retailer Sam’s Club now has a pre-order listing for the Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS which is set to retail for $168.58. The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS is thought to go on sale May 20th. - My Nintendo News

Goddammit. I WANT SO BAD.

Okay, here’s the plan. I’m going to get this as soon as it comes out. Transfer my Nintendo 3DS memory to the new purple one—that works, right?—and give my black one to my wife. 



Purple 3DS.  Will you be mine come March?

Mmmmm I think yes.

I want this so badly, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. The North American colors have already been announced, and purple just isn’t one of them.

Purple used to be a major Nintendo color. Super Nintendo had two shades of purple, my Game Boy Color is purple, my Game Boy Advance is purple, and my first Gamecube was purple. We never get purple Nintendas no more. Why you gotta do me like dat for, Nintenda?

(Source: rageofthenerd)

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