I’m listening to Austin St. John on his Facebook/YouTube, and goddamn, you can just FEEL the animosity between him and Jason David Frank. It’s all fairly respectful, adult, professional, whatever, but it’s under there, and based on little bits and pieces from when JDF has commented on it, it’s mutual.

But here’s the thing though: it’s fucking interesting!

Honestly, ASJ coming back on the scene now that JDF has been going so hard across all of social media is like this huge thing for the Power Rangers fandom. They’re competing for convention appearances, fans, merchandising, and it’s almost like a professional wrestling rivalry or something. Even their fans are at each other’s throats.

This Jason David Frank vs Austin St. John thing is probably the most exciting Power Rangers thing for me in years. It’s all playing out over Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., as well as on the convention circuit, and I’m entertained!

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Oh god, not this douche again.

Why you gotta be like that? Jason David Frank is definitely full of himself, and yeah, he’s got the spiky hair, goatee thing going, and the Jesus Didn’t Tap, and whatever, but goddamn, he is so NICE! He’s done so much for the fandom, and he’s so accessible and friendly. How can you not appreciate that?

Plus, Tommy is just the best. Regardless of how you feel about the actor, the character means a lot to me and so many other fans who started the show with the very first season when we were kids.

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