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I’ve been selling off portions of my collection on eBay for a while now, and it’s actually working out pretty well to supplement my income and allow me to have nice things even though I don’t make much anymore.

You guys obviously like the stuff I like, or else you wouldn’t follow my blog. Please take a look at my wares. I’ll be listing more items pretty much daily.

Also, I would really really appreciate it if you’d signal boost my store link. Thank you so much, Tumblr friends!




WONDER WOMAN Sideshow Premium Format Figure

Sideshow has released images and a video previewing their Wonder Woman premium format figure.

You can pre-order her HERE!

I love how the red looks like bodypaint, and yet there is an obvious seam. Like how does that even work?

Obviously she is wearing body paint and the seams are just really weird scars!

Honestly, I think this looks really good.

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